How It Works!

The songwriting process is different for everyone.  Some write lyrics first and then music to accompany, some write music first and then the lyrics.

This site is designed to help the songwriter who needs a little inspiration.  Each track is designed with song form in mind.  There is an intro, verse, chorus and bridge section to each song. 

The form for each tune is the some:

  • Intro - usually 4 measures.
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Bridge
  • Chorus 
  • Outro

When you purchase a song from you are allowed to use the purchased music as you see fit.  These tracks can be used as backing tracks for live performance, backing for online videos,  or taken into a studio so you can professionally record your voice. 

Prices for each track are below:

Mp3 Download - 19.99 - You can use the QuickBuy Links to purchase these.

Wav File - 29.99 - Please email for specifics.

Wav File Breakout - Each Individual Instrument as a Wav File - 69.99 (These tracks can be plugged into any DAW for home studio or professional mixing.)   Please email for specifics.

Editing - Each track can be edited to the needs of each songwriter.  Editing could be as little as $35 per session.  Please email for specifics.